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"I thought about buying a hand gun when the pandemic started earlier 2020. Never had held a gun before and was looking for a beginner gun safety class in San Gabriel area. A friend of mine and I ended up taking the firearms safety for beginners with Andrew in April 2020. He was knowledgeable and patient about all the questions any gun newbie may have. He even let us shoot some of his guns towards the end. I had a great experience and would take an advanced class when I get a chance."

Nyan M.

"Great intro course and Andrew is a great teacher. Taught the basics and helped with my grip, stance, and accuracy. Memorable experience and highly recommended for beginners."

Sal S.

"It was perfect timing when I saw Andrew's ad for the self defense. Since the first session, Andrew guided me and the class gently and firmly as he designed scenarios that often occur and end up in horrible outcomes, had I not been taught the handling technique to save myself from harm.He gave clear instructions and adjusted the amount of challenge timely to create the perfect balance of feeling safe and urgency if protecting myself. Andrew is the only one I trust to learn from on how to get out of dangerous situations."

Nancy T.

"I totally recommend the beginners pistol class with Andrew. It was such a fun time, and we learned so much. He was very patient with us. Great teacher!"

Irene S.

"This man is an amazing gentle giant. As a single mom, my time is limited but Andrew was understanding and flexible with me; creating the perfect schedule that worked for everybody. He also has great sibling specials that can work for everyones budget. I was surprised by the tons of military and martial arts experience he has. And I was impressed and felt even more confident that he would be a great fit when he shared with-that he trained his own daughters as well. Such a humble, kind, and knowledgeable trainer." 

Tammy L.

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