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 the rise above STORY 


In the year 2016, I was in a depression. I weighed 300 pounds (the heaviest I have ever weighed in my life).  I went for a routine doctor visit that changed my life. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, borderline diabetes, and borderline high-cholesterol.


On my way home from that appointment, I told myself I needed to change my lifestyle. I had my doctor put me on a supervised diet (I went in every two weeks for a weigh in). I started going to the gym 5 days week. Lifting weights was enjoyable, but I am not a big fan of traditional cardio. I'd gotten good cardio workouts in martial arts in the past - boxing, tae kwon do, karate, and muay Thai - but none of these great combat sports could keep my interest for long.


Then I found out about krav maga (the Israeli military's fighting system).  I found a Krav Maga school near me and fell in love with the training right away. I have been training for almost 4 year nonstop and between the diet and krav maga, I have lost 40 pounds and gained an interest in helping others to do the same. 


My lifestyle change and Krav Maga made me realize that I was stronger than my depression. I had to rise above the fears in my mind that were preventing me from achieving my goals. I took on one fear at a time until I was able to overcome it or control it. Conquering one fear after another, I was able to feel my mind and body come back under my control. I have beaten my depression by choosing to rise above my fears and turn them to ash.

Krav Maga has shown me that anybody can defend themselves against any attacker! I founded this organization so you can gain the same confidence.

Instructor Bio:

I am  a U.S. Navy Veteran who worked as a Gunner's-mate on the Ammunition Ship (USS Mt. Hood AE-29) for 3 years during Operation Desert Storm. As a Gunner's-mate my job consisted of maintaining, repairing, operating  cannons, explosives,  and small arms onboard ship. Being  part of the ships security force and a firearm instructor was also a big part of his duties providing him with years of firearm experience. I am also an NRA (National Rifle Association) certified Firearm Instructor.

I am currently a blackbelt in Krav Maga working on his 2nd degree and also has some experience in Karate, Boxing, Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai, and BJJ. 


Check out our list of events and join us!


Gain confidence! Lose some weight! Lose your fear!

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